9th IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival, Balchik, 2011SHOOTING IN BG / BG MUNICIPALITY MARKET (19-21 June) provides an unique opportunity for the Bulgarian municipalities to be presented in a completely new business environment.

The market will create wide opportunities for realization of film productions in Bulgaria. The contact with major representatives of the international film industry will help the local municipalities develop opportunities for the film production, help them foster local business and promote themselves as a tourist destination.

Within the market each municipality may present their unique potential. Photos and other visuals related to potential sites of interest, various accommodation options, and local myths, legends and characters as an opportunity for ideas and concepts for implementation of a production.

Following the event, In The Palace ISFF will create a detailed catalog SHOOTING IN BULGARIA, including detailed description of the options, as well as additional practical information related to the needs of the film production. The catalogue is unique for Bulgaria and will be business card of the film industry in our country and all the accompanying activities including the extremely important support from the local municipalities.