workshop by Elena Yatsura

Annually in Russia about four hundred films are shot, but no more than fifty reach the cinemas. Out of these fifty films, the number of financially successful projects shall not exceed five. The risk that the producer bears, is not always proven justified. Can you to master your professional intuition and how to recognize the successful script among thousands?

The program includes:

  • Professional taste. Can we develop it on our own?
  • Professional intuition. Learn how to recognize good idea from the mediocre?
  • Our sense of time. Why is it important to follow current trends?
  • Dramaturgy. Why do we need to know the structure of classical drama?
  • Standards in scriptwriting and script presentation, identify target audiences.
  • Creative collaboration between writers, script editors and producers.
  • Pitching. How to sell our idea for film quickly and successfully?
  • Business skills - management and marketing, new business models by the example of the Russian market.

The course will be held within three days - from 18th to 20th June. Each session consists of theoretical and practical part. It is oriented both to producers and writers. During the course producers will learn how to develop their professional intuition and master the ability to distinguish financially successful projects among thousands of scripts. Writers will learn about the producer's criteria for selecting a script and what are the ideas that the film industry is searching for nowadays.



Elena Yatsura

Elena Yatsura is a producer, winner of numerous cinema awards including premium "Nika", "Golden Eagle” and "Golden ram”. Elena produced the first movies of Renata Litvinova, Konstantin Murzenko, Vera Storozheva, Philip Jankowski, Aleksei German Junior, Ilya Hrzhanovski and others. Her filmography includes over 20 films, including "9th Company", "In Movement", "Sky. Plane. Girl", "Cadences”, "Goddess: How I fell in love", "Four", "Our own”, „Les Poupées russes".