(official Jury Press Release)


The voices of this year's directors show more clearly than ever that people from all nations are bonded by the same love, loss and laughter. Whether from Africa, Asia, America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand or the Middle East we are one in our needs and emotions. Perhaps in the 21st century the hand written note has been replaced by the cell phone or the text message, but communication remains the plot of every story.

After careful deliberation into the wee hours of the morning (June, 25th) our jury emerged unanimous in our decision for BEST FILM and BEST DOCUMENTARY. In all categories, the work is outstanding -- script, cinematography, editing, direction and acting. Taken together these are among the best short films ever made. Even the documentaries are driven by a powerful narrative. We honor the following films.

The nominees for BEST DOCUMENTARY are:

  • Canopy Crossing
  • Mother (winner)
  • Undertow Eyes



MOTHER, unanimously chosen as the winner for excellent achievement in Documentary filmmaking gives us a glimpse via a forgotten camera into the life of a struggling elderly Polish matriarch. Spellbinding in it's intimacy and details MOTHER lives with constant waiting.

Special mention: Canopy Crossing


The nominees for BEST FILM are:

  • Ana's Playground
  • Chalk
  • Dissection of a Storm (winner)
  • Minute 200
  • Paris Shanghai
  • The Cassava Metaphor



DISSECTION OF A STORM is unparalleled in every aspect of filmmaking in the main competition of the IN THE PALACE film festival - from the superb cinematography, lighting, acting, editing, sound, music, story, art direction - every element of the film language was eloquently executed to drive the story forward. We are pleased to honor DISSECTION OF A STORM with BEST FILM.


Special mention in cinematography:

  • Ana's Playground / David Doyle
  • Dissection of a Storm /Alvaro Martin Blanco
  • Mother / Michal Stajniak


Special mention in acting:

  • Minute 200 / Mercedes Mendez
  • Paris Shanghai / Franc Bruneau
  • The Cassava Metaphor / Mata Gabin


Special mention for script:

  • Minute 200 / Frank Benitez Pena
  • Paris Shanghai / Thomas Cailley and Claude Le Pepe


Special mention in editing:

  • Chalk / Benedetto Lan Franco



Biket Ilhan, Branislava Dzunov, Emiliya Stoeva, Linda O. Olzsewski, Sandy Sissel