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For contacts and information: Margarita Radeva

June 19-26, 2010
Cultural Centre “The Palace”, Balchik
Participation fee: 200 €
A limited number of scholarships are available
Application deadline: 31st May 2010  

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A course of lectures on promotion, distribution and marketing strategies, organized in collaboration with the Black Sea Region Festivals Network and South East European Cinema Network (SEECN).
The call is available for all who would like to improve their knowledge on how to sell and present successfully their films & ideas. Participants in other FILMER FORGE trainings have free access to the lectures.

 Some of the themes presented in the course are:

The building blocks of a cultural event such as a low budget film.
How to build up something unique, working in a team, with a small budget and a small crew? (lecturer Elena Guiffrida)

Film distribution strategies – you have a film, what do you do with it now? How a young artist should make his/her film so that it is an attractive product for TV broadcasters. What types of films do TV broadcasters prefer? (lecturer Tudor Giurgiu)

Film marketing strategies. Best practices filmmakers can borrow from the business world. (lecturer Olga Zhurzhenko)

Since a couple of year's, a trend towards political issues in filmmaking can be observed, often defined by the catalogue of European values. But how those political issues are reflected, especially when it comes to "Eastern European topics"? Which clichés are involved - from the "Balkan mafia" to the "Russian Soul" - when films are coproduced between the "East" and the "West"? Which of those approaches really sell? And which gaps do we face, making films either for the festival circuit, for the regional audience or for the international box office? Which PR strategies are needed to reach the audience/experts the film is aiming at? (lecturer Bernd Buder)

How does your film find an audience, how can you sell it, and how can you possibly make some money of it - the perspective of the producer? Marketing strategies in different markets for different film types: is there any alternative to big business? We have heard of guerilla filmmaking - is there also something called guerilla film-marketing? (lecturer Luciano Gloor)


Ji Lee (USA) – Creative Director, GOOGLE

Tudor Giurgiu (Romania) – President and Executive Director for SRTV/Romanian Television, Founder of Libra Film Production Company, Transilvania Film Distribution Company, Romanian Film Promotion, Re:public film & music magazine, the Cityplex cinema chain and Transilvania International Film Festival

Olga Zhurzhenko (Ukraine) – Producer, UkrKino Ltd.; Founder of Promotion of Intercultural Cooperation NGO

Luciano Gloor (Germany) – Senior Film Producer with a vast practical experience in international marketing and sales as well; Senior Consultant of governmental institutions, subsidy bodies, international organizations and NGOs; Founder/trainer of programmes like EAVE, AVEA, IFA-SC

Elena Giuffrida (Italy) – Deputy President of the Association Alpe Adria Cinema; Member of the Selection Committee for the International Competitions of Trieste International Film Festival; Head of the International Short Films Competition programme

Bernd Buder (Germany) – Consultant of goEast Film Festival (Wiesbaden), the DokumentArt Film Festival (Neubrandenburg/Sczesczin) and Cottbus International Film Festival and the International Forum of New Cinema section of the Berlin Film Festival for South Eastern Europe; Curator of special programmes for several film festivals and a film journalist.

Olga Zhurzhenko (Ukraine) – Founder and executive director of Promotion of Intercultural Cooperation Foundation, a producer in UkrKino; marketing specialist with experience in Procter & Gamble,  British American Tobacco and the retail sector.


The participation fee for the course is 200 € and includes:

•    Participation in the training
•    Free access to all open classes and presentations at the festival
•    Access to all festival screenings
•    Access to the festival zones
•    Access to the music & entertainment programme
•    Access to the video library
•    Access to MARK IT

Travel, accommodation and meals are NOT included.

A special package for accommodation and food is available on written request at   

A limited number of scholarships is available.

To apply for MOVE IT, please make a profile HERE, fill in the form and send it along with the following documents:

•    short biography of the applicant describing their previous experience in filmmaking
•    motivation letter

Application deadline: 31st May 2010