TENSE STRING is master class led by the great Polish director Krzysztof Zanussi in which the selected participants will work on various techniques and methods on developing a scene with tension which leads to climax or solution.


DAY ONE – 25.06.2009

1.    Introduction
     a.    Opening conversation ( getting know each other)
     b.    Introduction of  the course - Mr. Zanussi

2.    Dramatic Tension
     a.    Characteristics
     b.    Greek Drama
     c.    Basis of building dramatic tension
     d.    Screening movie examples
     e.    Commenting

DAY 2 – 26.06.2009

1.    Dramatic turns in  story telling 
     a.    Creating and breaking illusion
     b.    Building conflicts and contraries
     c.    The Non-Conflict Postmodernism

2. Screening participant’s movies
     a.    Pitch and Screen
     b.    Making and pre-production 
     c.    Discussing current scenes
     d.    Commenting

DAY 3 – 27.06.2009

1. Pitching a story or idea (Practical exercise)
     a.    Introducing idea or story for film

2. Attempting to build dramatic tension in the story
     a.    Creating illusion
     b.    Making conflicts
     c.    Developing contraries
     d.    Breaking illusion
     e.    Commenting

3. Summary (Closing module)
     a.    Final words and advises
     b.    Sharing impressions about the class
     c.    Exchanging contacts

TENSE STRING master class is part of FILMER FORGE educational programme.