june 2009
Cultural Centre “The Palace”, Balchik

Deadline for application: 1st June 2009

REELISM is an unique programme, which will give an opportunity to young filmmakers and students from different disciplines, like cinematography, film directing and editing, to get to a closer look and experience the specific aspects while working on a film reel and a full “high definition”. Thus the training aims to help young and emerging filmmakers to find the most suitable means of expression for their own films.

In the seven days training the young filmmakers will have the chance to develop further their knowledge of working on these two formats and to learn more about digital and film post-production by visiting lectures, workshops and open classes, led by experienced professionals.

Among the lectors in REELISM progamme is the legendary Russian cinematographer and member of the main completion jury - Sergey Astakhov - cinematographer of more than 40 feature and TV films including movies from directors Sergey Selianov, Aleksey Balabanov, Pavel Lungin.

The training progamme combines lectures and practical modules, in which the participants will be able to shoot an episode with a professional camera as well as to transfer and edit it.

At the frame of REELISM programme will be held the Kodak’s training for young authors “Stop by. Shoot Film.” led by Holger Schwarzel, Kodak Product Marketing Manager, who will present the participants the opportunities and priorities of shooting on a film reel. The participants will also get the chance to shoot their own episode on a professional 16 mm film stock, which will later be edited and transferred on a DVD in KODAK-Bulgaria Laboratory. Every participant will get a copy of his/her material along with the opportunity to experience the incredible picture quality when working with film reel.


REELISM progamme is open to all participants. The total number of selected participants will be 25 people. Good knowledge of English is obligatory.

Deadline for application is June 1st 2009.

The selected participants will be notified by email by 5th June 2009 with full information about the entry fee or a notification from Format SFF Foundation in case they won a scholarship.

The entry fee for REELISM progamme is 150 Euro (300 leva) which gives access to:

  •   accommodation for 8 nights (in a double bedroom)
  •   participation in the educational programme in which the applicant has been  selected to participate
  •   attendance of all open lectures and presentations by the festival guests
  •   free access to film screenings
  •   free access to the open-air live music concerts
  •   free access to the industry zone

Participants have the right to apply for a 70% off the participation fee scholarship or a 30% off the participation fee scholarship from Format SFF Foundation.

To apply to REELISM training fill in the Online form and send the following documents:

  •     short biography
  •     motivation letter
  •     short description of a film idea (up to 1800 characters)