FILMER FORGE is the festival educational programme, which includes the following initiatives: 

A series of audiovisual training, integrated in festival programmes, with partners: PLATFORMA festival in Athens, MEDIAWAVE in Dijon (Hungary), AVmotional in Bucharest and International Film Festival in Ankara. See more

A common initiative with “Film and TV Editing” Department in The South-West University “Neofit Rilski” Blagoevgrad, “Cinema and television” Department in NBU, “Screening Arts” in NATFA, Art College. See more

Master class lead by Krzysztof Zanussi
Master class led by the great Polish director Krzysztof Zanussi in which the selected participants will work on various techniques and methods on developing a scene with tension which leads to climax or solution.

" European cinema suffers in the last decade a noticeable decline in narrative films - the subjects of drama seems to be exhausted and post modern view negates the possibility of narration.

During the master class we will examine areas of dramatic potential in contemporary life and illustrate it in examples from the existing films."   K. Zanussi  See more

А training programme combining lectures and workshops on shooting on film and in full high-definition, during which the participants will be introduced with the specifics on working with the two formats, as well as with the digital and film post-production. See more

Through a detailed analysis of the two of the very successful projects   “Whose is this Song” and “Divorce Albanian Style”, a full description of the complete process of a documentary film project will be made. This includes all stages of the process: starting with the idea, development, financing and realization of the project to the distribution and others kind of exploitation of the ready film, as well as information about the recent state of affairs in the Balkans, Europe and the USA. Video samples from the different stages of realization, including promo clips of the ready films, will be shown.

The workshop will take place during a two-day period and will be focused on one of the most popular optical video camera extenders -  P+S technik.
On the first day of the workshop the participants will have the opportunity to test shooting in diverse lighting conditions by shooting scenes with a standard vario lense and with the P+S technik product for comparison.
The second day will involve editing and discussing the material from Day 1.The main topics will be shooting in low exposure and top lighting, photographic width, resolution, grain and image noise. The shots done with the standard lense will be compared on a polyscreen with the same shots done with the P+S technik standard.
The screen test should prove that optical devices such as the P+S technik overcome the bare, clear cut imagery of video.

Terms and conditions for participation

Young people up to 27 years old from different European countries, who are working or studying in the following area – cinematography, film editing, sound editing, digital arts, cultural management. Up to 30 participants will be selected for this programme. Participants must speak English fluently.

Young filmmakers and students in film-directing, cinematography and editing from Bulgarian film schools as well as students from Cultural Studies Department in Sofia University. Maximum 30 participants will be selected for this programme. Participants must speak English fluently.

Master class lead by Krzysztof Zanussi
Open to directors, script writers, cinematographers and editors, without limit in age and nationality. Applicants should have at least one developed project for a feature film. There will be no more than 20 participants selected for this programme. Participants must speak English fluently.

Open for participation. The maximum number of participants is 25 people. Participants must speak English fluently.

In order to apply to FILMER FORGE you need to fill in the Online form.

Deadline for applications: 1st June 2009
The selected participants will be notified by email by 5th June 2009.

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