IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival is the is the most famous and prestigious film forum featuring professional short films, up to 45 min. in lenght, that have not been screened in Bulgaria. IN THE PALACE Festival is organised by Format SFF Foundation and Community Center Veshtina in partnership with Balchik Municipality, the State Cultural Institute – Cultural Centre “The Palace”, Balchik, the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture, and the Bulgarian National Film Centre. This is the first short film festival in Bulgaria funded by the MEDIA Programme of the European Union.

During the part years the festival had grown from a students’ film forum into a prestigious international festival where the best professional short films are being screened. It is preferred place for a world première of the newest short films from all over the world. The upcoming edition of the festival promise to be even more exciting from the previous ones, presenting unique screening programmes of films that have been selected in competition of more than 4000 films received this year.

From 20 to 27.06.2009 in Balchik will gather filmmakers from all over the world to present the most interesting short films, shot over the past year. For 8 days and nights the festival guests will have the opportunity to see the unique selection of short films, competing in six competition programmes, to meet and work with significant group of distinguished filmmakers during the FILMER FORGE educational programme and enjoy the music lineup.


About the festival town

The town of Balchik has a history spanning over 2600 years. During that period it was known as the ancient Greek colony of Krouni, the Greek and subsequently Byzantine fortress of Dionyssopolis, mediaeval Bulgarian town Karvouna and the Ottoman and subsequently again Bulgarian town of Balchik. The town was named after the Boyar Balik who owned it and ruled over it. In the 1913-1940 periods Balchik was under Romanian rule.

Balchik is a small and very romantic Bulgarian seaside town, known with its white rocks, and houses standing in tiers, its narrow streets and picturesque landscape. The view of the town from the sea impressed the great Ovid, who exclaimed: “O white stone town, I salute thee for thy inimitable beauty!”. One of the most interesting places in the vicinity of the town is the Palace “Quiet Nest” – a modest building constructed upon three terraces, combining elements of the Moor style, Mediterranean architecture and the typical Bulgarian house. The extravagant minaret renders a touch of oriental opulence to the building. The architectural complex was built by Italian architects Amerigo and Agustino within the period 1920-1936. It was the summer residence of the Romanian queen at the time of the Romanian occupation of South Dobrudzha.  


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