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Newsroom Calling for volunteers


Dates of the project: 25th May - 5th July of 2017

Place of the project activities:  Varna and Balchik, Bulgaria

Partner countries: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Norway, Poland, Latvia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Turkey, UK


We are looking for 75 young professionals between the ages of 18-30 from 15 different countries active in the fields of journalism, new media, blogging & vlogging, photography, art criticism, and cultural studies. 

After the arrival, the participants will take part in a 2 weeks long educational programme, lead by established professionals, in media coverage of an international cultural event in the field of audiovisual art.

 The acquired knowledge and skills will be then put into practice during the next phase of the project which includes the development of international newsroom in the framework of the 14th IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival.

 During the festival, the young professionals will be interviewing filmmakers and other participants of the festival, writing reviews and articles about the films and all the festival events and its parallel initiatives, taking pictures and shooting videos, and reporting about the event in their respective countries and in social media.  Please note that the working language is English.

 The festival provides accommodation and assistance for food and travel costs for all the youngsters participating in NEWSROOM IN THE PALACE. This project has received funding from the Union Comission as part of the Erasmus + programme. Volunteers will receive once 135 euro assistance for food (in order to manage their meals on their own demand) and also the amount of 3 euro for pocket money per day. The installment will be paid within the first 5 days of the project.

**Travel costs may be partially not covered if the Erasmus grant+ unit costs exceed the next prices:

Portugal 360 euro Spain 275 euro Italy 275 euro Greece 180 euro Netherlands 275 euro Czech Republic 275 euro Norway 530 euro Poland 275 euro Latvia 275 euro Romania 180 euro Slovakia 275 euro Slovenia 275 euro Macedonia 180 euro Turkey 275 euro UK 360 euro

For applying and more information contact us by email YOUTH@INTHEPALACE.COM                                                                          


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ON tour


Dates of the project: 17.04.2017. – 05.06.2017. (traveling days included)

Place of the project activities: Veliko Tarnovo and Varna (Bulgaria)

Partner countries: Greece, Italy, Latvia, Macedonia, Slovakia, Spain, Portugal

We are looking for 20 volunteers between the ages of 18-30, from 7 different countries, interested in culture and audiovisual arts in particular. This project will give the volunteers an iNsider’s look at the organization of several cultural events in the framework of the 14th IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival.

IN THE PALACE is a festival that presents contemporary film art from Bulgaria, Europe and the whole world and provides an exceptionally favorable environment and platform of expression for both young film artists and established professionals. After successfully concluding the first event in Sofia, the 14th edition of IN THE PALACE continues its tour around Bulgaria with two events in Veliko Tarnovo and Varna.

The volunteers, who will join us for these events, will be engaged in a wide range of activities related to the promotion of the events, preparation of the venues, communication via different social media platforms, welcoming and assisting the guests and participants, preparation of press releases, and creation of audiovisual materials about the events and the volunteering experience.

The volunteers will be divided into teams and will serve on a rotational basis so as to give everyone an opportunity to explore the different parts of the organization and implementation of an international cultural event.

This project has received funding from the Union Comission as part of the Erasmus + programme, so the festival provides accommodation and assistance for food and travel costs* for all the youngsters participating in the project.

* The amount of reimbursement for travel costs is fixed by the program and depends on the distance from the partner organization country to the venue of project activities, so the travel costs may be covered only partially if they exceed the fixed amount.

For applying and more information contact us by email!


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