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closing at clermont-ferrand

IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival team is back in Sofia after participating in the 39° Festival du court métrage du Clermont Ferrand and would like to thank all the people that visited our stand and took the time to have a meeting with us.

During the 32° Marché du film court du Clermont Ferrand, old friendships were renewed and new ones were created. It was the time for our annual meeting with Euroshort network, to consolidate the partnership and talk about new opportunities and projects - updates will be coming soon. We were glad to meet our partner platforms and to learn about the ways how to improve our usage of them.

During this interesting week we also started to think and to plan the upcoming events of the 14° edition of IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival, and we would like to renew our invitation to all of you to come and visit us in:

Veliko Tarnovo 30.04.2017 – 07.05.2017

Varna 28.05.2017 – 04.06.2017

Balchik 24.06.2017 – 01.07.2017





Meet IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival team in the stand number 26 at the 32nd edition of the Short Film Market. An initiative of the Festival du court metrage de Clermont-Ferrand.

Today, sixth of February, we will be attending to the annual Assemblée of International Short Film Conference which presents the widest short film focused network. Leading by the main goal for presenting and supporting the sector this year topics are related in the development of the short film festivals in orde.r to improve our work and provide the best quality for the contemporary audiovisual industry and its artists.

The Conference will start with a debate session focused on 5 THINGS WRONG WITH YOUR FILM FESTIVAL. This will not be an exercise in singling out individual events and people – instead it is meant to allow film festivals to engage in some reflection on the things that we do whilst talking honestly about the problems that we face nowadays. With a panel consisting of filmmakers and leaded film forum representatives the discussion will no doubt be a heated yet positive look at the world of short film festivals.

Then, as member of the network IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival will attend the roundtable discussion about the exclusivity of our festivals, leaded by few key-speakers (programmers, festival directors). We are also glad to join Laurence Boyce's speech (International Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers, Cineuropa Shorts), in wich he will explore the needs and wants of both journalists and festivals and examine the pitfalls he faces as a film journalist and critic in the European contemporary short film sector.

clermont ferrand

The 39th edition of the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival will take place from Friday, 3rd to Saturday 11th on February 2017 and IN THE PALACE will be there to share the experience. More than 7000 films received this year, but only a handful accepted: at the finish line of this short film marathon, over 400 films will be showcased during the festival.

You will find them in competition, retrospectives, programs for young audiences, and other surprises. It will be a week filled with emotion and encounters where we've being invited. And also to introduce the 15th edition of IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival now that calls are open for new submissions!

Visit our stand at the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival

Are you going to Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival? Do you want to know more about IN THE PALACE? Join our team from the 6th to the 10th of February. A perfect opportunity to learn more about our festival, when and where the next edition will take part and what steps you need to do to submit your movie. Are you in?


 open call submissions

Are you interested in the filmmaking world? Are you a new filmmaker? Have you got a long career in your back? Have you done a master piece by your own? Or with other hundred people? Are you a student or an experienced worker?

IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival is glad to announce that the submissions are now open for the 15th edition of the festival to be held in December 2017.

IN THE PALACE is the biggest short film festival in Bulgaria and one of the oldest and most prestigious in Southeast Europe. Each year it attracts filmmakers and audience members from around the world to participate in competitive and focus screenings, Q&A sessions, pitching sessions, film industry market, side musical programme, educational programme and much more. For the 15th edition of the festival, we look forward to bringing together both professional filmmakers and students for yet another exciting and innovative celebration of film.

For our competitive programme, we are accepting national and international short films under 27 minutes in length in the following categories: fiction, documentary, animation, and experimental. The total award amount is 10,000 EUR.

The submissions can be made via the website of IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival, where the regulations and the submission form can be found. 

Entry fees and deadlines for the 15th edition:

  • 15 April 2017 - 15 EUR for the International and National Competition Programme;
  • 15 September 2017 - 20 EUR for the International and National Competition Programme.

For any inquiries, please contact us at


During this wonderful festival week in Sofia – City of Film of UNESCO Network we had the chance to meet the officially selected for the film competition of 14th IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival national and some of the international artists, both professionals and students, to present their work and to discover their stories.

It has been a week full of films - each one of them bearing its own character, bringing together stories, feelings, people, cultures and realities.

Together with the talented contemporary Bulgarian filmmakers we managed to find out about Bulgarian short film industry, the difficulties and the obstacles that they face on the way to complete their works and to dive in the process of making a short film through their personal perspective.

But our week was not only about film screenings.

Each day started with the Educational Film Ateliers – an initiative of IN THE PALACE which invited youngsters and students from the schools of Sofia to watch contemporary international and national short films and join a discussion to raise awareness on social issues and nowadays anxieties, inspiring them to contribute their personal views and opinions. Using European cultural product as method of communication we teach them, but they also teach us.

Morning we had started with rerun of the national competition screenings followed by the Q&A sessions with the authors. It was pleasure to meet all the Bulgarian and some of the international filmmakers. This part had been very enriching and illuminating, since we had the opportunity to learn about the films from their makers and the contributors themselves, to find out their dream and motive behind the creation of their works and to discover new meanings and perspectives. But despite that, the sessions triggered very powerful discussions as well, including thoughts on film industry in general and short film industry in particular, the anxieties and challenges of being a young artist today and how demanding it can be and of course a plethora of discussions based on topics channelled through the films, which offered a solid ground for self-introspection.

Within the framework of 14th IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival in Sofia again we organised our favourite 48 Hours Sofia Film Challenge.

Thus we involved both amateur film enthusiasts and professionals to create a short film up to 5 min. within 48 hours only. All the films in the Challenge are based on props and key words that were chosen on a random principe by lottery and all of them were focused in the city of Sofia.

We were surprised, but can`t say it was not expecting at all – the winners in the previous edition did it again! Congrats, guys, and see you again in Balchik – we are happy to know that IN THE PALACE family keeps growing. :)

At the end we become serious and together with the Bulgarian filmmakers that were selected for the 14th IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival we had a round table in order to discuss the situation: the problems, questions and the future of the national short film industry – so, it is more than clear – show must go on!

But what goes better with the films than music!!! In the framework of our parallel to the film programme MUSIC PALACE FEST we were more than happy to had so great Bulgarian musicians such as The Bedlam Club, AKAGA, Vera Chandelle & Angel Zaberski in Jazz Boudoir, Kottarashky & The Rain Dogs, Ruth Koleva and the band.

Revisiting the 14th IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival in Sofia in numbers: 6 festival days, 109 short films – 81 international premiers for Bulgaria and 28 national films in 19 film blocks – 1710 min short film programme in total.

Thanks to all the institutions, colleagues and friends who supported us in this initiative!

Thanks to IN THE PALACE team and all the EVS volunteers – only you know what does it cost and what it gave to all of us.

And the moment of true! The winners are:

48 HOURS SOFIA FILM CHALLENGE – The Manual of team Diceman


- International Competition – Alike – directors Rafael Martinez Lara & Rafa Cano Mendez;

- National Competition – Red Light – director Toma Waszarow.


Thank to all of you and see you in Balchik! :) Cheers!

partners logos

The IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival organized by Format SFF Foundation and Municipal Center “Veshtina” wants to thanks all our sponsors and partnerships: Bulgarian Ministry of Culture, Bulgarian Ministry of Youth and Sports, Municipality of Sofia, Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo, Municipality of Varna, Municipality of Balchik, National Film Center, National Palace of Culture, National Cultural Institute – Cultural Center “The Palace”, Sofia university “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Festival and Congress Center – Varna, Municipal Center “Nadejda – 1869”, Italian Cultural Institute, Italian Embassy, Instituto Cervantes in Sofia, Spanish Embassy, not forgetting SEG (Special Events Group), Compote Collective, Vasil Rusev and Chaikata. As you might know, this year’s edition of the festival will include 4 events, the first one of them being successfully taking place in Sofia during the last 6 days. There are 3 more events on the way: one in Veliko Tarnovo during the end of April, one in Varna at the end of May, all of them bringing us to the main and final event in Balchik at the end of June, the place where the festival was born.

thank you message

After the first event that has already finished in Sofia under the 14th edition of IN THE PALACE programme, it's time to thanks Tsanko Vasilev, director of the festival, and all members of IN THE PALACE team that day by day made this beautiful adventure possible: Galina Tagamlitza, Liliya Kucheva, Dobrina Kisova and every person that somehow got involved in the process and supported the organization.

Special thanks to the Erasmus + program, which, through its support brought together our long-term EVS volunteers (Silvia López, Elisa Bonfanti, Ignacio Arnedo, Omar Quesada, Giulia Bellotto, Anete Pole, Sandra Chamorro, Silvia Soler and Jesús Javier Gómez) as well as our short-term volunteers. Coming from Italy, Greece, Macedonia, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia and Latvia, they shared their skills and knowledge and were contributing members of the smooth materialization of this festival, becoming a big intercultural family.

Finally, a big thanks to all of you, the artists and the filmmakers, who through your works, you shared your stories with us and taught us something novel and inspiring.

In this 14th edition of IN THE PALACE ISFF the winner of the 48h Sofia film challenge is the team The Dice Men with their film  'THE MANUAL'. Congratulations and thanks all the participants.

For the Best Bulgarian short-film, the audience award of the city of Sofia goes to “RED LIGHT” directed by Toma Waszarow.

For the Best International short-film, the audience award of the city of Sofia goes to “ALIKE” directed by Rafael Martínez Lara & Rafa Cano Méndez

Thank you very much and congratulations to the winners of the city of Sofia and the 48 hours challenge. We hope to see you in the upcoming events in Veliko Tarnovo, Varna and the main festival in Balchik, in June 2017.

This 14th edition of IN THE PALACE ISFF is formed for four main events all over Bulgaria. Download our mobile application available for Android and IOS and be updated for the current event in Sofia as well as for all the upcoming events in Veliko Tarnovo, Varna and Balchik.

IN THE PALACE ISFF app allows you to check out the whole programme, access to the videolibrary, trailers and synopsis, alerts with your favourite films and buying tickets with a simple click.

How to buy tickets?

In the FILMS menu, choose the film you want to watch. You can make a previous booking or buy it directly. It will be automatically added to your chart. You can chek out all your tickets in the TICKETS menu.

That fast, that easy. Don't you have IN THE PALACE in your pocket yet?

IN THE PALACE ISFF invites you to check out our musical programme. Everynight from 23:30 on, live concerts at Hall 9 in NDK with the pressence of The Bedlam Club, AKAГА, Jazz Bodoir, Kottarashky & The Rain dogs and much more. Find out more information and buy your tickets in our website or at the infopoint desks outside the Hall. 


We are getting ready for tomorrow, at 16:00 we have the press conference that opens the 14th edition of IN THE PALACE Sofia in the 5th floor, hall9 of NDK.

From December the 1st to 6th we will screen 109 international and national short films in the categories of Fiction, Animation, Documentary and Experimental. 19 blocks in six days, 5 Nationals and 14 International, concerts, educational ateliers, Q/A sessions with the directors.

Check the whole programme here and buy your tickets here or by downloading our mobile phone application (available for Android and IOS)


IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival`s application is an instrument for public use. It would help people get access to the festival's film information, film schedule, events, locations, etc. It will help film industry representatives, festival participants and audience to organize their stay at the festival giving them access to news, messages, booking services, events in real time, searching by criteria and watching festival films, stored in the videolibrary

The first version of application designed for the short film festival IN THE PALACE. Our Application helps to get to events location, provides Festival program and sends notifications in case of any change in it. Application introduces available festival films to users and is needed tool for all newcomers.

It is also used with educational purposes by providing an access to the content of the videolibrary and allows using audiovisual products as method of communication in the educational process.


national selection


IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival is glad to announce the selected films for the National competition of the 14th edition. All the films will be screened and voted by the wide audience during events in Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo and Varna. During the festival's main event in Balchik they will be judged and awarded by an international professional jury.

You can check the list below to see if your film has been selected. Congratulations to all the selected films and thanks to everyone who participated and submitted their film!


(UN)CONSCIOUS (dir. Martin Markov / Bulgaria / 2016 / 13’00’’)

20 KICKS (dir. Dimitar Dimitrov / Bulgaria / 2016 / 06’20’’)

BATMOBILE (dir. Deyan Bararev / Bulgaria / 2016 / 16’25’’)

DOG (dir. Vladimir Petev / Bulgaria / 2016 / 24’10’’)

EAT ME! (dir. Ilina Perianova / Bulgaria, Estonia / 2016 / 21’11’’)

FOR EVA (dir. Kiril Totev / Bulgaria / 2016 / 20’00’’)

FORGIVE (dir. Marieta Petchanska / Bulgaria , Albania, Netherlands, Spain / 2015 / 12’30’’)

GETTING FAT IN A HEALTHY WAY (dir. Kevork Aslanyan / Bulgaria / 2015 / 22'00'')

INTRUSION (dir. Jordan Chichikov / Bulgaria / 2015 / 25’16’’)

RED LIGHT (dir. Toma Waszarow / Bulgaria / 2016 / 21’11’’)

THE WHITE LOVER (dir. Jivko Konstantinov / Bulgaria / 2016 / 26'58'')

TRAVELLING COUNTRY (dir. Vessela Dantcheva and Ivan Bogdanov / Bulgaria / 2016 / 13’38’’)

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL (dir. Hristo Poriazov / Bulgaria / 2015 / 17’18’’)


BREAKFAST (dir. Dimitar Stratev / Bulgaria / 2016 / 8’12’’)

CARNIVAL GAMES (dir. Daniel Ahmakov / Bulgaria, Germany / 2016 / 17’ 40’’)

CELLO (dir. Nicolas Akrabov / Bulgaria / 2016 / 20’00’’)

DESIRE (dir. Veselin Zografov / Bulgaria / 2015 / 12’00’’)

DOBRY (dir. Orlin Milchev / Bulgaria / 2016 / 27’20’’)

I LOVE YOU, DADDY (dir. Rositsa Trayanova / Bulgaria / 2015 / 13’09’’)

LOVE (dir. Boya Harizanova / Bulgaria / 2016 / 24’00’’)

PULSE (dir. Daniel Delchunkov / Bulgaria / 2015 / 13’58’’)

RANDEZVOUS (dir. Vanya Doneva / Bulgaria / 2015 / 10’30’’)

SOLSTICE (dir. Reni Yoveva / Bulgaria / 2016 / 14’35’’)

STILL LIFE (dir. Emanuela Dimitrova / Bulgaria / 2016 / 17’25’’)

THE ADDRESS (dir. Asparuh Frangov/ Bulgaria / 2016 / 7’00’’)

THE HOUSE (dir. Yana Titova / Bulgaria / 2015 / 14’17’’)

THE UNFORTUNATE EVENTS OF MR. MAZNIKOW (dir. Veselin Zografov / Bulgaria / 2015 / 16’00’’)

WHAT'S THE PURPOSE OF BREAD (dir. Nickolay Stoichkov / Bulgaria / 2015 / 11’34’’)